is a website that publishes free Vector and laser, CNC, silhouette, CAD, CAM, Paper Craft, 3d Printer, and Leather Craft projects files for personal uses. The designs we have prepared/ Collected from open space are drawn manually in various software coral draw, adobe illustration, Inkscape, Photoshop, and 2D CAD software. Then they are converted into the vector and 3D file formats. This is why our drawings are smooth. Files are published in many formats such as dwg, dxf, eps, pdf, svg, png, pdf, and stl in order to let every industry to benefit from these designs. These files are cuttable and printable digital files. You can download our designs in all of these file formats for free. Our visitors can scale the dimensions of the designs without any loss in resolution. They can find the free 2D, 3D, and graphics software in the free software section of our website.

We work for days and sometimes for weeks in order to prepare a design and share it with our visitors. It takes lots of time. Please pay attention to the conditions in the License Agreement section by being aware of this.

Please contact us in case you have trouble downloading the files.

Free Projects for CNC milling, laser, 3d Printer, 3D papercraft, Leather Craft, Jewelry

There are various digital plans are available for beginners and experienced craftsmen of various industries like wooden furniture, lamp, sculpture, educational toys, decoration, interior, leathercraft, papercraft in this category of our website. Software usage increased with the widespread use of technology.

There are various free digital design files from 2D sized parts in this category in order to create 3D objects. These files are cuttable and printable for cnc router systems and laser cutting machines.

The designs are drawn manually in 2D cad programs. This is why they are smooth. You can craft perfect objects in cutting machines by cutting materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, and cardboard. You can paint them in the colors you like.

You can cut the designs on our page with a laser cutting company that perform the cutting operations with an industrial laser cutter. Today, the amount of Co2 cnc laser engraving and cutting systems services have increased and the price of these systems decreased. You can buy a personal CNC laser cutter for hobby purposes. If you have technical skills you can find many projects on the Internet in order to make a laser cutting machine. You can create your homemade laser cutting machine with these projects by buying the required parts and equipment via the internet. You can receive support from laser machine services and forums when you struggle. The same applies to CNC router machines. Creating a homemade CNC with the same methods has become very common today. The prices of branded CNC router machines which worth a fortune until recently decreased considerably today. The amount of CNC router services and forums on the internet which can help you have increased considerably.

Those who want to create something homemade can use these templates without the need for digital cutting machines. You can have a cut template by printing our cut file plans on printers. Craftsmen and beginners can craft beautiful things in their woodworking works from materials such as wood, acrylic, and cardboard by using tools such as the scroll saw, jigsaw, router, and Dremel with these templates.

This is why our plans are digital plans instead of classic detailed and complicated plans. You can work on these plans by opening them with 2D and 3D software. These plans are also compatible with digital cutting machines. You can use the free dwg, dxf, eps, pdf, svg, png, pdf, and stl files in all CNC-based cutting machines. You can also get a cut template print from printers with other file formats.

Free Vector and Template Files for craftwork and other graphic design work

There are various templates ready for cutting and printing in this category. They can be used in many areas since we prepare them in 8 different free file formats. They are suitable for CNC, laser, plasma, water jet, scroll saw, printers, and printing machines. You can also use them with various materials such as cardboard, paper, felt, fabric, wood, metal, leather, vinyl in DIY works. You can create decorative objects.

There are vector, graphic, 2D and 3D artistic drawings consisting of various categories in this section. All of these designs are cuttable and printable designs.

They can be cut with the Co2 laser, CNC router, water jet, plasma, Cricut, scroll saw, and vinyl cutting machines and printed on printers. Various materials such as wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic, balsa, leather, vinyl, cardboard, and paper can be made into objects with these templates. These templates can be used in many areas such as decoration, stencil, wall art, Fabric print, damask, carving, engraving, sticker, T-shirt printing, silkscreen, felt cut template, jewelry pattern, ornament, Vinyl Decals, clipart vector.

As you can cut these works with laser cutting, CNC router, vinyl cutting companies, the prices of these machines are now quite cheap. The amount of services has increased. Information exchange forums have increased on the Internet. You can design and draw your own templates by using free software. You can turn them into wonderful artworks with various materials. You can have a hobby which can develop your skills or maybe you can be a professional artist.

File formats and some related software:

.dwg, .dxf for 2d cad software programs: Autocad, Draftsight, NanocCAD

.eps for vector programs: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape.

.png for photo editing, image creation, and graphic design software: GIMP, Adobe Photoshop.

.svg is vector-based graphics in XML format: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Flash Professional CC, Adobe InDesign CC 2017, Microsoft Visio 2016, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Corel PaintShop Pro, Inkscape, CADSoftTools ABViewer.

.pdf Portable Document Format: Adobe Acrobat Reader.

.cdr files for vector programs: CorelDRAW, Inkscape.

.stl for 3d cad software: Solidworks, 3ds Max, Rhino3D, Blender

Free Software

Software is a general term for the distinctive sorts of tasks used to work on PCs and related devices.

Software can be considered as the variable piece of a PC, exclusive of the hardware. Software is usually divided into application software (programs that are fascinated by the clients) and system software (which consolidates working structures and any program that support application software)

Free software is software that can be openly utilized, changed, and redistributed with just a single limitation: any redistributed variation of the item should be dispersed with the main terms of free use, modification, and movement.

Free software includes adaptability: people should be permitted to use software in all the ways that are ethically and morally satisfactory. Programming contrasts from material things, for instance, furniture, sustenance, and fuel—as it can be altered and manipulated more easily. These possible results make a software as supportive as it might be; we trust customers should have the ability to make usage of them.

The main purpose of this free software grouping on our site is to guide you with some quality free software that you can use. We have divided this arrangement into a couple of sub-classes, where you will find portrayed software with essential information about their inspiration, handiness and the association with the point of arrival of website from where you can download them:

Computer helped plan/CAM/CAE/PDM programming.

Application programming

Online specific small PCs

Online particular databases

You will frequently go over some software that you will think is free, because the program is announced that way, however after you read the information about it you will comprehend that it is truly shareware, trial or demo version. These sorts of software are undoubtedly free for use for a particular time allotment and after the slip by of that time period you ought to pay for the program.

Trial frame generally suggests the software that can be attempted before being bought. Trial frames went with a period for testing. A period for testing may last from two or three days to couple of months. Shareware similarly goes with equal segments, and in this way trial frame is also considered as a shareware

Shareware suggests an ownership programming that is dispersed free or effortlessly on a trial start. In the first place, it wants nothing out of pocket, yet later a cost is requested to additionally continue with the use of programming.

Demo adjustment is furthermore a trial version of programming that is made available to the customers, and in the wake of using it for a particular time for testing, they can get it or not.

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