Sleeping Racoon 3d Paper Craft Pdf Free

Make your own Mini Dragon 3d Paper Craft with our easy to follow printable patterns!

Decorate your room with this 3d paper toy.
Make an original gift for your kids!
Spend time having fun with your kids or friends!

•So, you get sorted parts of the model and detailed instructions. You simply need to print it out, cut and bend in the order and stick together in the end.
•Collection of the figures does not require special qualification. You just need to follow our instructions and be sure – you will make it!
•It’s a great way to spend your time with fun.

Necessary materials and tools:
1. Thick color paper or colorcardboard (160-300 gr/m2)
2. Printer
3. Paper knife, steel ruler, scissors, cutting mat
4. Paper glue

-Instruction in English.
-Number of parts: 19
-Recommended age: 8+
-Complexity: simple

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